Our Values

"Re-defining supreme standards in quality, safety, environment and people practices."

Our vision is to be the most-admired power generation company – admired for our business practices and ethical value system which ultimately make our stakeholders proud.

At MEL, we work towards building capacities of our employees by emphasizing on knowledge-building through innovation & technology and process-driven approach for continual improvement. We practise safe, clean, and green operations. Our main focus is aimed towards producing power with the best-in-class operations to achieve maximum volume and lowest specific consumption. We continue to seize new market opportunities by employing the brightest talent and this has taken us forward on the path towards sustained growth.

Our continuing purpose is to generate value while driving innovation, governance & safety equally and becoming the most reliable power source in the state.

At The Core


We actively foster a culture of mutual trust in our interactions with our stakeholders and encourage an open dialogue which ensures mutual respect.


At MEL, our people are our most important assets. We actively encourage their development and support them in pursuing their goals.


We embrace a conducive environment for encouraging innovation that leads to a Zero harm environment and exemplifying optimal utilization of natural resources, improved efficiencies and recoveries of by-products.


Our primary focus is delivering value of the highest standard to our stakeholders. We are constantly motivated on improving our costs and our quality of production in each of our business through a culture of best practice benchmarking.


MEL has witnessed continual growth by allowing free hand new ideas and opportunities to be explored. Our work has enabled stakeholders to greatly benefit from our enduring growth curve.


As we continue to grow, we are committed to the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity to create a sustainable future in a zero harm environment for our communities.


We place utmost importance to engaging ethically and transparently with all our stakeholders, taking accountability of our actions to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and complying with international policies and procedures.


We lay consistent emphasis on human rights, respect the principle of free, prior, informed consent, while our engagements with stakeholders give local communities the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.


We apply sustainability to all our practices, and within a framework of governance structures and policies. With the Unstinted commitment of our management and employees, we aim to not only reduce harm to the environment but also to have a positive legacy always where we operate.