MALCO Energy has been providing financial assistance and direct education interventions for rural children:

  • Vedanta Scholarship Distribution - MEL has instituted a scholarship to support students from Malco Vidyalaya to pursue higher education in engineering and medicine every year. A total of Rs. 4.40 lakhs is rewarded as scholarship.
  • MEL runs eight evening study centres in six villages in Salem. A total of 281 children are students at these centres. Free-of-cost study material is also distributed to the students at the six centres. MEL also extends this social service to children of neighbouring government schools and anganwadis who receive supplementary educational books from us periodically.
  • MEL also rewards deserving students of Ramamoorthinagar village, who wish to pursue higher studies, with scholarships.
  • MEL is involved in a programme called, 'Child Friendly Village Program' by celebrating the first birthday of every child in Ramamoorthinagar village.