The MEL workplace is a space that inculcates learning and team work – an environment that encourages our employees and contract workers to grow and evolve professionally. Their health is valuable to us, and we offer several in-house services to ensure that.

These include a pre-employment checkup, periodic health checkups and awareness sessions to instill healthy living and personal hygiene practices. These efforts are also extended to family members of employees and contractors.


To begin with, our location is OHSAS 18001 certified - a safe workplace for the employees, contract workforce and the public.

We have implemented and upheld Safety Standards & Systems in line with Vedanta Group’s Sustainability requirements which are at par with world-class standards. We carry out periodic checks, set and review targets, assess and report performance using the best market practices. All our employees are equipped with the appropriate training to drive this company policy forward.

To promote a ‘Safety’ culture within our organization, employees are frequently consulted and we run initiatives such as Safety Score Card, Safety Stewards System, Safety Campaigns, Rewards for Reporting Near Miss, reporting of safe and unsafe behaviours as part of Behaviour Based Safety and Single Point Accountability systems to instill safety as a line functions and many more.

To ensure continual improvements in safety standards, we also practice ‘5S’ for housekeeping, and have benchmarked safety work practices.


At MEL, we have been pursuing a host of environment-friendly measures in an effort to balance out the effects of power generation. Here’s a highlight of our efforts:

We are currently a zero-discharge facility, with a closed loop system where water in our operations is treated and reused. Our ESP, RO and Evaporator plant are operated with full efficiency to ensure air emission and water pollution are less than the limit prescribed by the authorities of State and Central Board.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of waste from our operations, using water and energy more efficiently and recycling wherever possible.

Wastes generated from our processes are categorized into hazardous or non-hazardous waste, depending on their characteristics. Hazardous wastes primarily generated from our site include evaporator salt, RO chemical sludge, spent oil, oil soaked cotton waste and oil filters while non-hazardous wastes include fly ash and bottom ash.

Presently, to dispose the hazardous waste, we have an agreement with M/s. Tamilnadu Waste Management Limited, Gummidipoondi and spent oil is sold to authorized recyclers.

Non-hazardous waste like fly ash and bottom ash are being sold to cement and brick manufactures. As a new initiative, we have started using bottom ash along with coal in Boilers to utilize the un-burnt fuel in the ash. All emissions from the power plant both at source locations and in the ambient air are being monitored using online analyzers, which are also continuously aired to the regional offices of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) & the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Also the ETP & flow monitoring system is aired to TNPCB through an online Camera.

Our long-term goal is to achieve a zero-waste status. There is a company-wide push towards transparency and to comply with applicable national, regional and local environment regulations and statutory obligations and other requirements.


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